Maximilian Oehl

Portrait of Maximilian Oehl, Co-Initiator of Brand New Bundestag

Brand New Bundestag

Dr. Maximilian Oehl is co-initiator and Executive Director of Brand New Bundestag, a German non-partisan grassroots organization that advocates for progressive, forward-looking politics. Next to being a serial social and political entrepreneur, he is an attorney.


Lisa Witter (Apolitical Foundation), Ricardo Marvão (Beta-i), Gauri van Gulik (Multitudes Foundation) and Maximilian Oehl (Brand New Bundestag) on stage at DLD Munich Conference 2024, discussing ways to strengthen democracy.

The Rise of Political Entrepreneurs & Innovators in Europe

Political entrepreneurship is a good way to strengthen democracy, as you’ll hear in this engaging DLD24 expert panel. Bringing new people into politics increases diversity and drives up engagement in policymaking – which is of critical importance because in many countries there’s a dangerous “lack of conversation about politics and democracy in our society today”,…
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Amazon CTO Werner Vogels speaks to a packed audience at the DLD Munich conference 2024

DLD Munich 2024

DLD Munich is Europe’s leading innovation conference. DLD24 brought together experts from business, science and culture. Revisit this exciting event here with talks, videos, images…
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