Kristian Rönn

Kristian Rönn, Co-founder & CEO of Normative


Kristian Rönn is the co-founder and CEO of Normative, the world’s first emissions accounting engine, helping businesses calculate their entire climate footprint to reach net zero. He co-founded the company in Stockholm in 2014 after previously working at the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University.


Kristian Rönn, CEO of Normative, and Technonomy founder David Kirkpatrick discuss corporate greenwashing at DLD Munich 2022

Eradicating Greeenwashing

Getting to net zero ranks high on the agenda of many corporate leaders. But first, companies need to measure their carbon footprint accurately – and buying carbon offsets typically is not enough, as this conversation between Kristian Rönn, CEO of Normative, and Techonomy editor David Kirkpatrick shows. Rönn, a former Oxford university climate researcher, co-founded…
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