Joe Iles

Profile image of Joe Iles, Circular Design Programme Lead at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Joe Iles is Circular Design Programme Lead at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. His role is to inspire and empower the world’s designers to create products, services, and systems for the circular economy. He is frequently involved in the Foundation’s events, including the Circular Economy Show and Summit.


Product design experts discuss the concept of circularity at DLD Circular 2023 in Munich. Left to right: Amit Katwala (WIRED UK), Joe Iles (Ellen MacArthur Foundation), Jessie Storey (Steelcase) and Daniela Bohlinger (BMW Group

Designing Circularity

What does it take to put circular design principles into action? This DLD Circular session highlights the important role that product designers play in creating a sustainable economy. The panel discussion, moderated by journalist Amit Katwala, brings together Daniela Bohlinger (BMW Group), Joe Iles, Circular Design Programme Lead at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation; and Jessie…
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Hand holding a lens ball, upside down, symbolizing economic change towards sustainability and a circular economy

Circularity: “The Biggest Obstacle Is Managing Radical Change”

Joe Iles, Programme Lead at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, explains how the circular economy can gain traction – in business and our personal lives.
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DLD Circular 2023 logo

DLD Circular 2023

This event explored the vision of a circular economy and how technological advances can foster innovative business concepts and societal transformation – shaping a sustainable world.
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