Jodi Halpern

Jodi Halpern

UC Berkeley

Jodi Halpern is Endowed Chair and Professor of Bioethics at UC Berkeley and the co-founder of the Berkeley Group on the Ethics and Regulation of Innovative Technologies. She graduated from Yale University with an MD and a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Halpern’s research brings together psychiatry, philosophy, behavioral economics and decision neuroscience to examine how


Marietje Schaake speaks at the DLD Munich 2020 conference in Munich

Disruption & Trust: DNA, Ethics and Regulations

Three presentations explore the importance of trust in the digital society. Hyunjun Park, co-founder of CEO of Californian startup Catalog, describes how data can be stored in the form of synthetic DNA. UC Berkeley researcher Jodi Halpern examines the importance of ethics in the digital economy. Marietje Schaake of Stanford University’s Cyber Policy Center take…
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gene editing illustration, DNA, double helix

Gene Editing: Great Potential, Great Concerns

Fixing errors in the human DNA could cure diseases and greatly improve health – but only for the wealthy? UC Berkeley ethicist Jodi Halpern warns of a new gap between rich and poor.
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