Jack Hidary

Jack Hidary, quantum computing expert, CEO of Sandbox AQ

Sandbox AQ

Jack leads Sandbox AQ, an enterprise SaaS company combining AI + Quantum computing to solve hard problems and create a positive impact on society. The inspiration for Sandbox AQ and some of the team began at Alphabet Inc. in 2016. Jack is the author of Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach.


Panel discussion at the DLD Munich conference 2023 with Niko Mohr, McKinsey; Jim Breyer, Breyer Capital; and Jack Hidary, SandboxAQ; moderated by Zina Jarrahi Cinker

Quantum, AI & Health

When several frontier technologies come together, incredible things become possible. That’s certainly true of artificial intelligence and quantum computing in the field of health and medicine. This DLD Munich expert panel features Jack Hidary, CEO of Sandbox AQ; investor Jim Breyer, founder of Breyer Capital; and Niko Mohr, a Partner at McKinsey in Germany, in…
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Jack Hidary, SandboxAQ, and Jim Breyer speak about quantum computing at DLD Munich 2022

Next Level Quantum

Quantum computers are opening up entirely new possibilities in business and techology – but how will we actually use them? What are the applications that will make tomorrow’s world radically different? And to what goal? In this DLD Munich session, two of the world’s foremost experts, Jack Hidary (SandboxAQ) and Jim Breyer (Breyer Capital) provide…
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DLD22, review article, Quantum Computing, deep tech, AI, Cybersecurity

How Quantum Computers Will Shape the World of Tomorrow

With next-generation supercomputers and AI, our world is being reinvented yet again. DLD22 highlighted the most important developments.
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Stage at DLD Munich 2023, Europe’s leading innovation conference, at Serviceplan’s House of Communication

DLD Munich 2023

Highlights of DLD Munich 2023: Find videos, images and speakers of Europe’s leading innovation conference in one place…
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