Hemant Taneja

Portrait image of investor Hemant Taneja, CEO and Managing Director of General Catalyst.

General Catalyst

Hemant Taneja is the CEO and Managing Director of the global venture capital firm General Catalyst. His career includes early investments in Stripe, Samsara and Snap. He is also the author of Intended Consequences and co-founder of Responsible Innovation Labs, a non-profit aiming to re-center technology as a force for good.


Jeannette zu Fürstenberg (La Famiglia VC), Hemant Taneja (General Catalyst) and Solveigh Hieronimus (McKinsey & Company) speak in front of a packed audience at the DLD Munich Conference 2024.

Strategies for Building Global Resilience

This DLD24 panel discussion focuses on the topic of resilience from an investor’s perspective. In conversation with Solveigh Hieronimus (McKinsey), Jeanette zu Fürstenberg (La Famiglia) and Hemant Taneja (General Catalyst) discuss the importance of resilience in the face of global challenges and the role of technology and entrepreneurship in fostering it. Watch the video to…
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Amazon CTO Werner Vogels speaks to a packed audience at the DLD Munich conference 2024

DLD Munich 2024

DLD Munich is Europe’s leading innovation conference. DLD24 brought together experts from business, science and culture. Revisit this exciting event here with talks, videos, images…
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