Francesca Bria

Francesca Bria; President, Italian National Innovation Fund

Italian National Innovation Fund

Francesca Bria is the President of the Italian National Innovation Fund, CDP Venture Capital and the former Chief Digital Technology for the City of Barcelona. She is a member of the European Commission New European Bauhaus High-level Roundtable and is leading the DECODE project on data sovereignty in Europe.


DLD Sync with Francesca Bria and Lauren Kiel about urbanization

Smart, Green & Liveable: Shaping the Future of Cities

Urbanization is one of the defining trends of the 21st century: Cities continue to grow and will play an even more important role in shaping our future. They are economic centers and provide opportunities for large parts of the global population. At the same time, cities are vulnerable to climate shocks, to pandemics and social…
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Francesca Bria, Helmut Schönenberger, DLD Sync

Building A Sustainable Future for Europe

Francesca Bria, President of the newly created Italian National Innovation Fund, and Helmut Schönenberger, CEO of UnternehmerTUM discuss how the vision of the New European Bauhaus can be a catalyst for a new wave of entrepreneurial innovation across Europe.
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Daniel Wiegand, Lilium

City of the Future

How will old cities change and new cities be designed at the brink of a new age of smart cities? To Francesca Bria smart cities aren’t about companies providing technologies to cities to make them more efficient, they must also mean more participatory democracy and transparency of a governments’ actions. ‘We need to rethink the topic from…
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