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A journalist and media entrepreneur, David Kirkpatrick founded Techonomy Media, which he led for 12 years. He is now focusing on climate tech, climate action, and the crisis of global heating. Kirkpatrick’s bestselling book The Facebook Effect has been published in 32 languages.


Farmerline founder Alloysius Attah speaks at the DLD Munich 2024 conference, with moderator David Kirkpatrick visible in the background.

Changing Agriculture by Empowering Farmers

Farmerline is a digital marketplace that helps smallholder farmers in West Africa access information, financing and markets. In his DLD24 conversation with journalist David Kirkpatrick, Farmerline’s founder Alloysius Attah describes the positive impact his company is having on local communities across Africa. Farmerline works with over 3,000 local agents who build trust with farmers and…
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Stability AI founder Emad Mostaque speaks with journalist David Kirkpatrick at the DLD Munich 2024 conference.

True Exponential: Building a Generative AI Company

Stability AI founder Emad Mostaque discusses advancements in artificial intelligence, the role of Stability AI, and the implications of AI on society with journalist David Kirkpatrick (Techonomy). Mostaque is one of the pioneers of generative AI. Stability AI focuses on creating open-source AI models. The company started as a non-profit and has grown significantly over…
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Journalist David Kirkpatrick and Victoria Ossadnik (E.ON) discuss AI in the energy industry at the DLD Munich 2024 conference.

The AI Revolution Needs Efficient Infrastructure

Which impact will have AI on the green energy transition, smart grids and energy infrastructure? These questions lie at the heart of the in-depth DLD24 conversation between Victoria Ossadnik, a member of the managing board of leading network operator E.ON, and journalist David Kirkpatrick. As the energy system is becoming more decentralized and renewable energy…
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Panelists on stage at the DLD AI Summit 2023, from left to right: David Kirkpatrick (Techonomy), Manon Sarah Littek (Green Generation Fund), Markus Löffler (Palantir Technologies), Bernhard Kowatsch (UN World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator) and Odin Mühlenbein (Ashoka AI Lab).

How to Accelerate Impact with AI

This DLD session is all about the benefits that AI can bring to the world. The panel brings together experts from business, investing and the United Nations, featuring Manon Littek (Green Generation Fund); Bernhard Kowatsch (United Nations World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator); Markus Löffler (Palantir Technologies); and Odin Mühlenbein (Ashoka AI Lab). In mitigating climate…
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Panelists on stage at DLD Circular 2023 discussing the value of regenerative agriculture. From left to right: Moderator David Kirkpatrick, Jan-Gisbert Schultze (Acton Capital Partners), Fabio Volkmann (Climate Farmers), Doris Doerrie (Film Director, Producer & Author), Benedikt Boesel (Gut & Boesel)

Regenerative Agriculture: There’s Hope

This high-profile DLD Circular 2023 session focuses on regenerative agriculture and how it can help solve problems like climate change and biodiversity loss. The panel discussion, moderated by journalist David Kirkpatrick, brings together filmmaker Doris Dörrie and regenerative farming pioneer Benedikt Bösel, who recently collaborated on the documentary series Farm Rebellion; investor Jan-Gisbert Schultze, co-founder…
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Journalist David Kirkpatrick discusses natural carbon capture solutions with Mary Yap, Lithos Carbon, and Guy Hudson, Loam Bio, at the DLD Munich Conference 2023

Climate Solutions Under Our Feet

Carbon capture is one of the biggest challenges in mitigating the effects of climate change – and there are surprisingly simple solutions, coming straight from nature, as you’ll hear in this fascinating DLD Munich session. Watch the video to hear from Guy Hudson, CEO and co-founder of Loam Bio, and Mary Yap, co-founder and CEO…
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David Kirkpatrick, Jan-Gisbert Schultze, Stefan Schwarzer and Sandrine Dixson-Declève speak at the DLD Munich Conference 2023

Thinking the Economy from the Soil Up

The way our economy runs is highly extractive. It goes against the living principles of life on earth – where everything that nature produces becomes the basis for new life. This DLD Munich session, moderated by journalist David Kirkpatrick, asks: How can we turn our extractive economic system into a regenerative economy which actually lives…
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Andreas Urschitz, Infineon Technologies; David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy; and Anne Kawalerski, Bloomberg Media; on stage at the DLD Munich Conference 2023

Beyond NOW: A Climate-Neutral World

Global warming is here, affecting all of us. That means every day, we must ask ourselves: What can we do to make sure that we keep the planet livable for humans but also for other species, as well as for future generations? And what role does technology play in reaching this goal? This DLD Munich…
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Kristian Rönn, CEO of Normative, and Technonomy founder David Kirkpatrick discuss corporate greenwashing at DLD Munich 2022

Eradicating Greeenwashing

Getting to net zero ranks high on the agenda of many corporate leaders. But first, companies need to measure their carbon footprint accurately – and buying carbon offsets typically is not enough, as this conversation between Kristian Rönn, CEO of Normative, and Techonomy editor David Kirkpatrick shows. Rönn, a former Oxford university climate researcher, co-founded…
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Sabine Klauke, Airbus, and Werner Vogels, Amazon, discuss corporate climate action with moderator David Kirkpatrick

Technology As A Catalyst for Climate Action

How can technology become a positive force for climate protection? Sabine Klauke, CTO of Airbus, discusses new approaches to this challenge with Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, in this DLD22 session moderated by David Kirkpatrick (Techonomy). One solution would be to move more corporate data to cloud services, as Vogels explains. “If you’re lucky, you…
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health, medicine, technology, biotech, Laura Matz, Stefan Vilsmeier, David Kirkpatrick, DLD, talk

Digital Health: Technology’s Next Frontiers

This DLD Summer panel discussion takes a deep dive into the converging worlds of health, medicine and technology. Merck Group CTO Laura Matz and Brainlab founder Stefan Vilsmeier provide expert opinions on the most exciting and promising new areas where technology can aid human health. In conversation with Techonomy founder David Kirkpatrick, they also discuss…
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Kai-Fu Lee, AI, David Kirkpatrick, Technonomy, DLD Sync, webinar

AI: The Route To A Smarter Future

The pandemic has sent shockwaves round the world. It has also revealed in starker detail the critical role AI can play in addressing some of our global challenges. How is AI being implemented across different sectors and economies, and what are the problems and issues that must be overcome to create real value?
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A man holds a basket full of fresh tomatoes

Climate Action: How Smart Farming Can Cool the Planet Down

The best way to reverse greenhouse emissions is to rethink agriculture and food production from the ground up, experts agree – because earth knows how to keep its temperature down. If we let it.
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China, artificial intelligence, illustration

How China Is Leading the Way in Artificial Intelligence

Bestselling author Kai-Fu Lee explains why China has an advantage in benefiting from artificial intelligence, and what Europe needs to do to make up for lost ground.
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social media, trust, YouTube, Facebook

How Can We Trust Social Media Again?

What can you believe anymore? Social media are full of misinformation and manipulation. DLD speakers explain what could be done. Some solutions lie with us…
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Andrew McAfee (MIT), Alexander Birken (Otto Group), David Kirkpatrick (Techonomy)

Take Responsibility!

Lack of trust is a central issue of our time. Without trust, institutions don’t work and people lose faith in their leaders. What should we do to rebuild trust? David Kirkpatrick (Techonomy) discussed this topic with Alexander Birken (Otto Group) and Andrew McAfee (MIT). Otto Group CEO Birken emphasizes how the company has worked on sustainability, trust and human capital for…
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Amazon CTO Werner Vogels speaks to a packed audience at the DLD Munich conference 2024

DLD Munich 2024

DLD Munich is Europe’s leading innovation conference. DLD24 brought together experts from business, science and culture. Revisit this exciting event here with talks, videos, images…
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DLD AI Summit 2023 graphic

DLD AI Summit 2023

This event explored how AI is reshaping every industry: from mobility to health, from agriculture to media, education, science, and politics.
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DLD Circular 2023 logo

DLD Circular 2023

This event explored the vision of a circular economy and how technological advances can foster innovative business concepts and societal transformation – shaping a sustainable world.
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