David Helgason

David Helgason, Nordic Makers VC

Nordic Makers

David Helgason is a Partner at Nordic Makers. Previously he served as CEO of Unity Technologies from co-founding it in 2003 until October 2014. David is a technologist with a background in programming, and a restless entrepreneur with a passion for creating feedback loops between innovation and teams and products.


Mattias Ljungman, David Helgason

Boosting Innovation: What’s Next for Europe’s Startup Scene?

Young companies are the lifeblood of a thriving economy, especially in times of rapid change. In this DLD Sync session, investors Mattias Ljungman (Moonfire) and David Helgason (Nordic Makers) assessed the state of Europe’s technology and startup scene, and explored where the greatest opportunities lie. Drawing from their wealth of experience as investors and entrepreneurs,…
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