Christoph Heinrich

Portrait of Christoph Heinrich, Chief Conservation Officer of WWF Germany

WWF Germany

Christoph Heinrich is Chief Conservation Officer of WWF Germany. As a member of WWF's Executive Board he is responsible for the organization’s nature conservation work to preserve biological diversity.

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Biodiversity expert Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg speaks at the DLD Munich Conference 2023

Perspectives on Biodiversity

Loss of habitat, climate change, pollution, overexploitation of resources – these are some of the biggest issues we face today in terms of protecting nature and sustainability. Addressing these issues will require a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach. This DLD Munich session features two perspectives on how to tackle biodiversity loss. Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, a designer…
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DLD Circular 2023 logo

DLD Circular 2023

This event explored the vision of a circular economy and how technological advances can foster innovative business concepts and societal transformation – shaping a sustainable world.
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Stage at DLD Munich 2023, Europe’s leading innovation conference, at Serviceplan’s House of Communication

DLD Munich 2023

Highlights of DLD Munich 2023: Find videos, images and speakers of Europe’s leading innovation conference in one place…
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