Brian Morrissey

Brian Morrissey, Founder, The Rebooting

The Rebooting

Brian Morrissey is the founder of The Rebooting, a publication focused on the methods of building sustainable media businesses. Previously he was the president and editor-in-chief of Digiday Media, where he was responsible for all editorial across the brands, memberships, product, events programming and design.

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Brian Morrissey, founder of The Rebooting, presents his thoughts on the future of media at DLD Munich

Post-Scale Era Media

Few industries have felt the consequences of digital change as dramatically as the news media. Local newspapers are disappearing, readers are switching to social media, advertising keeps vanishing in the direction of Google, Facebook and other tech giants. In his DLD Munich presentation, industry veteran Brian Morrissey (The Rebooting) takes a look at what went…
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