Andrea Pfeifer

Andrea Pfeifer, CEO, AC Immune

AC Immune SA

Prof. Andrea Pfeifer co-founded AC Immune SA in 2003, successfully leading it to an IPO in 2016. Under her leadership, multiple transformative partnerships have been established with leading pharmaceutical companies, yielding a potential value of up to CHF 3.3 billion plus additional royalties.


Prof. Lisa Pfeifer receives the Aenne Burda Award 2022 from Elisabeth Furthwängler

Aenne Burda Award Ceremony 2022

“My dream, my passion, my daily motivation is to find a cure for Alzheimer”, Andrea Pfeifer, the recipient of the 2022 Aenne Burda Award, says in her acceptance speech. The disease “takes away your memory, your talents, your personality, your independence, your way to live – and finally, your life”. A growing number of people…
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