Alexander Kluge

Alexander Kluge


Author, lawyer and filmmaker Alexander Kluge is Managing Director of DCTP, which produces documentaries and cultural programs for television. His recent books include The Separatrix Project with artist Katharina Grosse – a cooperation that started at DLD.


Maja Göpel (Political Economist & Transformation Scholar) and Alexander Kluge (dctp) speak at the DLD Munich Conference 2024.

The 7 Elements of Vividness

This truly special DLD24 session brings together legendary German filmmaker Alexander Kluge and Maja Göpel (University of Lüneburg) for a discussion of the concept of vividness and how humanity can embrace it in an age of increasing digitalization and technology. Prepare for a illuminating journey of the mind when you follow along – this is…
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Legendary filmmaker Alexander Kluge presents his film “Animals of the Milky Way” at the DLD Munich 2023 conference

Animals of the Milky Way

In his short film “Animals of the Milky Way” renowned German filmmaker Alexander Kluge presents an entirely a new perspective of the Milky Way, with the soundtrack provided by none other than former planet Pluto. Watch in awe and prepare to be enlightened. Kluge puts his work in perspective in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist,…
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Manthia Diawara, Alexander Kluge, Hans Ulrich Obrist, DLD All Stars

Framing the World: Storytelling Through Music and Film

In times of change, humans need narratives, storytelling and artistic visions for inspiration, and to make sense of life’s ever-present disruptions. This DLD All Stars session brought together Manthia Diawara, Alexander Kluge and Hans Ulrich Obrist in a wide-ranging conversation about the interconnectivity between culture, business and society.
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Cover image collage of the DLD magazine The Promptah, second issue, showing a colorful drawing of Immanuel Kant and photos of Sarah Spiekermann, Tunde Onakoya, Gary Marcus and Holly Herndon.

The Promptah No. 2: “Dare to Know!”

The second issue of DLD’s people magazine for curious minds celebrates Immanuel Kant’s 300th birthday and explores the dawn of a new age of enlightenment.
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DLD All Stars, arts, culture, talks

The Art of Planetary Storytelling

Discover highlights from our arts and culture talks at DLD All Stars, with international top speakers from culture, science, politics and business…
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Amazon CTO Werner Vogels speaks to a packed audience at the DLD Munich conference 2024

DLD Munich 2024

DLD Munich is Europe’s leading innovation conference. DLD24 brought together experts from business, science and culture. Revisit this exciting event here with talks, videos, images…
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Stage at DLD Munich 2023, Europe’s leading innovation conference, at Serviceplan’s House of Communication

DLD Munich 2023

Highlights of DLD Munich 2023: Find videos, images and speakers of Europe’s leading innovation conference in one place…
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