DLD Munich 2024 speakers shown in front of a blue background, in the design of the DLD24 conference.

DLD24 Preview: Speakers & Topics

Who’s speaking at the DLD Munich conference from January 11-13, 2024, and what are the main topics of this year’s program? Take a look!

How do you know what the new year will bring in cutting-edge technologies, business, politics and investing, arts, culture and media? Easy! Join us at the House of Communication from January 11 to 13, 2024 for DLD Munich, Europe’s leading innovation conference, conveniently scheduled right before before the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos.

One of the big topics at DLD24 will be artificial intelligence, of course – a groundbreaking technology so impactful that multiple tracks and workshops will be devoted to AI in health, business, society, culture and energy alone. Naturally, there’s much, much more. The detailed program is – as always – a work-in-progress until right before the conference starts; please check our conference page for updates.

But we’ve put together this selection of speakers and topics to give you an idea of what to expect at DLD24. You’ll find the complete list of speakers on the DLD24 speakers page.

If you’re a DLD regular you’ll know that the value you’ll get out of attending is both in the expert talks on stage and the networking behind-the-scenes – the casual chats by the coffee bar, the serendipitous encounters in the hallways as you bump into old friends and meet future business partners.

Our three-tiered ticketing system makes it easy for you to apply, and we look forward to seeing you in Munich on Thursday, January 11, 2024 for the kickoff to this year’s DLD Munich conference!

AI: One Technology to Rule them All?

The many facets of artificial intelligence require expert insights from a variety of different fields. We’ll look at human-centered AI, the ethics of AI, regulation, education, transparency and trust, as well as business applications, AI’s impact on society and what this god-like technology means for religion and philosophy.

Eva Maydell

European Parliament

Gary Marcus

Author, Entrepreneur and Scientist

Werner Vogels


Sarah Spiekermann

Vienna University

Martin Puchner

Harvard University

Claudia Nemat

Deutsche Telekom AG

Azeem Azhar

Exponential View

Azeem Azhar, Exponential View, DLD

Emad Mostaque

Stability AI

Hilary Mason

Hidden Door

Christian Teichmann

Burda Principal Investments

Neeru Khosla

CK-12 Education

Ikhlaq Sidhu

IE University

Greg Ameyugo

CEA, France

Esther Wojcicki

Global Moonshots

Thomas Dohmke


Markus Gabriel

University of Bonn

Peter Meier


Kenneth Cukier

The Economist

Jonas Andrulis

Aleph Alpha

Cassie Kozyrkov

Data Scientific

Sebastian Kuss

EMH Partners

Portrait of Sebastian Kuss, Managing Partner and co-founder of EMH Partners

New World Order

With geopolitics in turmoil, no business leader can afford to ignore the ever shifting international landscape of power. At DLD24, top experts will share insights on Europe’s sovereignty, global resilience and the defense of democracy. In addition, we’ll discuss mental health and ways to deal with constant stress.

Sustainability: Waste No Opportunity

To make an impact, innovators must make their products both affordable and attractive. DLD24 will highlight founders and changemakers who bring new solutions to the table in areas as diverse as food, fashion and material science.

Energy: It’s Cool to be Clean

Climate change demands that we act now, and DLD24 speakers will show that speeding up the transition to clean energy is not just good for the planet but good business as well. Get expert insights on green steel, fusion energy, new storage technologies and more.

Managing Disruption

Change isn’t easy, especially if you’re successful right now – but it’s essential for future prosperity. A number of DLD24 sessions will focus on leadership, future of work and digital transformation, in corporations but also society.

Creative Impulses

“Who is the master at pivoting? Artists!”, iconic curator Hans Ulrich Obrist recently observed in an interview with DLD. “This is why I think every company today should have an artist-in-residence.” In that spirit, get ready to meet cultural movers and shakers at DLD24 who promise to bring creative impulses to companies and society.

Hotspots of Innovation

So long, Silicon Valley? There’s a lot happening beyond California’s vaunted cradle of innovation. DLD24 will bring together entrepreneurs, investors and thought leaders from all over the world to spotlight notable developments beyond big tech.

Fast Forward: To Space and Beyond

Mobility is being reinvented on the ground and in the air. Cars are becoming autonomous and can offer immersive experiences to customers who truly want to enjoy the journey. Drones can collect data and transport goods. In space, meanwhile, the race is on to gain data and insights from an entirely new perspective: Earth’s orbit. And quantum computing promises to light a rocket under current data analysis applications, making them more powerful and effective.

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