DLD 2019 Munich

DLD Munich 2019

January 19 – 21, 2019 ‧ Alte Kongresshalle Munich

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Turning Biology Into Technology

Koniku founder Osh Agabi has a daring plan: He’s developing a new kind of of biochip made from brain tissue in order to create sensors that can sniff out explosives…

#DLD19 Recap: Everything Must Change

“Adapt or die” has been nature’s governing principle since the beginning of time. Humans are experts at adjusting to change – and entrepreneurs cherish the opportunities that technological progress brings.…

#DLD19 Recap: A Matter of Trust

Trust is a simple concept that has enormous power. Without trust there would be no community, no commerce, no democracy. Trust requires faith – in another person, in government, in…

Now Is the Time To Fix the Future

Andrew Keen is a writer, speaker and entrepreneur. In his latest book, How To Fix The Future, he analyzes the intricate interplay between technology, society and democracy. For this essay,…

“More Data Alone Doesn’t Automatically Result In Better Analytics”

A connected economy needs a modern infrastructure – but what becomes possible once you have 5G networks and smart sensors in place? Andreas Kunze, CEO and co-founder of Munich-based startup…

Kai-Fu Lee on AI: “This Is Not A Race of Man Against Machine”

Artificial intelligence is a key technology, often seen as decisive for the future of whole nations: If you know how to build the smartest algorithms you can hope to conquer…


Optimism & Courage: Aenne Burda Award Ceremony

The Currency of Trust

Networks Of The Future

The Grand Opportunities Of Web 3.0

Data For Good

Reasons For Optimism

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