DLD AI Summit 2023 preview graphic with featured speakers in the foreground

AI Summit 2023 Preview

Artificial intelligence takes center stage at our event on September 7 in Munich. Who’s speaking and which topics are on the agenda? Take a look!

How smart are computers getting – and what will they be able to do next? Generative AI has given the already hot topic of artificial intelligence an extra boost, fueling both excitement and concerns.

There’s no doubt that this groundbreaking technology will have an enormous impact on business, science, culture, politics andd our everyday lives.

This was a fantastic event but it lies in the past. You can watch videos of all sessions on our conference review page. If you subscribe to our newsletter we can automatically keep you in the loop regarding future events.

AI Now and Tomorrow

Progress in machine intelligence seems to be traveling at lightning speed. Where are the new capabilities coming from, what are we going to see next – and who’s in the driver’s seat: tech giants or open-source initiatives? We’re asking industry-leading experts to share their insights.

Ewa Duerr, Head of Product Management, Google Cloud Artificial Intelligence

Ewa Duerr

Profile image of Mark Surman, President of the Mozilla Foundation

Mark Surman
Mozilla Foundation

Profile image of Reinhard Heckel, Professor for Machine Learning at Technical University, Munich

Reinhard Heckel
Technical University Munich

Portrait image of computer scientist Björn Ommer,

Björn Ommer
Ludwig-Maximilians University

Business transformation

Generative AI systems can chat, write, translate, paint, compose and even write computer code, for example. How can companies use these capabilities to their advantage? Is AI a must-have or a merely nice feature? Hear from international business leaders what they think, which experiences they’ve made and what opportunities they see.

Profile image of Anna Kopp, Director IT at Microsoft Germany

Anna Kopp

Portrait image of Jonas Andrulis, Founder and CEO of AI company Aleph Alpha

Jonas Andrulis
Aleph Alpha

Portrait image of Peter Robejsek, Country Manager for Germany at Mastercard

Peter Robejsek

Profile image of digital marketing expert Katja Speck, VisualVest

Katja Speck

Profile image of Adam Bittlingmayer, CEO and co-founder of ModelFront

Adam Bittlingmayer

Portrait image of Solveigh Hieronimus, McKinsey & Company

Solveigh Hieronimus
McKinsey & Company

Portrait image of Martin Weiss, CEO of Hubert Burda Media

Martin Weiss
Hubert Burda Media

Profile image of Artur Gruca, Chief Digital & Operating Officer at HypoVereinsbank

Artur Gruca

Profile image of Dan Oros, CEO of Creatopy

Dan Oros

Christian Teichmann, Burda Principle Investments

Christian Teichmann
Burda Pricipal Investments

Impact Analysis

With great power comes great responsibility. How does that general truth apply in the context of artificial intelligence? What ground rules does this new technology need? Where will we see its biggest impact? And how will AI change work, education and the economy in general?

Profile image of Bulgarian politician Eva Maydell, Member of Parliament and President of European Movement International

Eva Maydell
European Parliament

Profile image of German economist Moritz Schularick, President of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Moritz Schularick
IfW Kiel Economic Institute

Helmut Schönenberger, Unternehmer TUM, TU Munich

Helmut Schönenberger

Judith Gerlach, Bavarian State Minister of Digital Affairs

Judith Gerlach
Bavarian State Minister for Digital Affairs

Profile image of Markus Löffler, Senior Director of Enterprise Technology at Palantir Technologies

Markus Löffler
Palantir Technologies

Portrait photo of Manon Littek, Founding Partner, Green Generation Fund

Manon Littek
Green Generation Fund

Profile image of Bernhard Kowatsch, Head of the UN World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator

Bernhard Kowatsch
UN World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator

Meet Your Hosts

DLD founder Steffi Czerny, DLD Chairman Yossi Vardi and Meike Zwingenberger, Executive Director of Amerikahaus München, look forward to welcoming you in Munich on September 7.

Steffi Czerny, DLD conference, DLD Media

Steffi Czerny
DLD Founder

Portrait of DLD Chairman Yossi Vardi

Yossi Vardi
DLD Chairman

Portrait of singer Elisabeth Furtwängler, known as KERFOR

Elisabeth Furtwängler
Malisa Foundation

Further Reading

Portrait of Google manager Ewa Duerr with colorful background showing the design of the DLD AI Summit 2023

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How can artificial intelligence advance humanity and benefit society as a whole? Google executive Ewa Duerr says responsible use of the technology is key.
Clay robot reading a book illustrates the question: How smart is artificial intelligence getting?

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