Digital & Technology

Scott Galloway, The Four, DLD conference

Responsible technology: “A New Era of Leaders Will Take Us There”

Winners in the digital economy benefit from network effects and their own popularity, as user growth tends to attract additional users, fueling further growth. In his bestseller The Four, author and…
KIT Karlsruhe, DLD Campus

The Promises & Perils of Robotics and Automation

Do intelligent robots take over our work? The expectations of the people and the actual reality on this topic are far apart. The renowned US Internet critic Andrew Keen and…
Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, DLD conference

“Uber den Wolken”

Dara Khosrowshahi made a political fashion-statement on stage at DLD Munich 18: The new Uber CEO wore a protest-slogan T-Shirt “We are all dreamers” – an immigrant himself, Khosrowshahi wants to…
Florian Reuter (Volocopter), Mariana Avezum (WARR Hyperloop & WeMuv) and Dirk Hoke (Airbus Defence and Space), Greg Williams (WIRED UK)

Shaping the Future of Mobility

From autonomous flying to hyperloops – how will the future of mobility look like? Discussing innovative transport concepts, the sharing economy as well as new possibilities and responsibilities regarding data-driven…
Ana Brnabic, Republic of Serbia

E-Baby, E-Government & Education

She not only wants to disrupt her own countrys’ society but the whole regions. Ana Brnabić, prime minister of the Republic of Serbia, has the great vision to lead her country…

“Light Speed Is Not Fast Enough”

Advanced digital services require innovative infrastructures and a political environment that allows building them. Timotheus Höttges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, talks about the missing links for today’s connectivity demands and the…
Elliot Schrage, Facebook, DLD Munich, 2018

Highlights about Building Community In A Polarized World with Facebook’s Elliot Schrage

Watch Facebook’s Communications Director Eliot Schrage describe what Facebook is doing about community building when the world is becoming increasingly polarized. Here’s the talk he gave at DLD Munich 2018.
Andrew Keen, author, Paul-Bernhard Kallen, CEO, Burda

5 Ways to Fix the Future

Andrew Keen was among the earliest to write about the dangers that the Internet poses to our society and culture. This February the internet critic is publishing his new book How…
Paul Daugherty, Accenture, DLD Munich 2018

“AI Equals New Superpowers for People”

Without doubt, Artificial Intelligence will impact the way we work and live in the near future. AI applications based on machine learning, neural networks and data, are progressing at a…
Juergen Schmidhuber, AI, DLD 2018

The Feeling Machine

The Latin phrase “Cogito, ergo sum” means “I think, therefore I am.” For decades authors and directors have dreamed about the self-aware machine, letting their imagination run high. With AI…

AI – Your Wingman to Success

What would actually happen, if AI would take over your job? A question Pablos Holman, hacker, inventor and futurist, thinks a lot about. People would thrive, is his answer. A lot…
Daniel Wiegand, Lilium

City of the Future

How will old cities change and new cities be designed at the brink of a new age of smart cities? To Francesca Bria smart cities aren’t about companies providing technologies to cities…

Discover DLD Talks

Nigerian pop star 1da Banton speaks at the DLD Munich 2024 conference, with Thomas Hesse (Dreamstage) and his manager Bryan Owujie listening.
Nigerian singer 1da Banton (his first name rhymes with “wonder”) is one of Africa’s most exciting musicians. In this DLD24 session with 1da, his manager Bryan Owujie and moderator Thomas Hesse (Dreamstage), you can hear all about 1da’s rise to fame – from…
Art curator Hans Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Galleries) discusses AI and creativity with artists Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst at the DLD Munich 2024 conference.
Artists Holly Herdon and Mat Dryhurst are known for their pioneering work at the intersection of art, technology and AI. In their DLD24 conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Galleries) they share how they originally met, recording one of the earliest podcasts…
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